Five Ways To Give Wine With Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you need some last minute ideas for making the day special with your significant other, then we’re confident today’s post will help. We’ve given numerous suggestions that’ll make the day special and have you ready to impress.


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You could keep it simple and classy by popping open a nice bottle of Champagne. The tasteful and aromatic bubbly is always romantic. It is perfect for a sweet toast and can be enjoyed by itself or with a delicious meal. Pair it with a a light dessert or even the main course, such as a seafood or creamy pasta dish. Although, we do advise that you don’t pair it with something too sweet, such as chocolates. Too much sweetness can get in the way of a proper champagne experience.

Vinfolio has numerous champagne suggestions for the romantic holiday. Have a hot date you want to impress? Take a look at our previous post on champagne etiquette. You’re bound to impress them with your knowledge that’ll give you. We give tips for storing, serving, tasting, etc. It’ll give you enough information to help you seem like your a champagne expert.


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Give a bottle of Calon Segur to that special someone. It is extremely collectable and and always highly rated, plus it won’t entirely break the bank. The heart on the bottle is also just right amount of sweet and romantic. Enjoy it with some chocolates or other delicious desserts and your special someone will

If Calon Segur isn’t what you had in mind, then there are many other bold, beautiful reds to choose from at Vinfolio’s website. Pick a wine that can pair well with a main course, whether it be at a fine dining restaurant or a home cooked meal.


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What about serving your significant other with a bottle that is from a romantic wine destination. You could keep it close to home and choose a fine Napa Valley wine, or think abroad and go with a nice Tuscan or Burgundy. Or if you’re looking to make this year extra special, why not take a trip to one of these places? The beautiful vineyard-filled countryside of Central Italy will be breathtaking and romantic. If Italy and France are too far for now, then wine country is a beautiful place for a getaway! Taste some of the best wines in California, or even the United States. Napa is beautiful and can offer the the romantic vacation that you’ve been waiting for this holiday.

If you need a little help deciding on a destination, then check out one of our previous post on some of the best domestic and international tasting rooms. Spain, Argentina, and South Africa are just a few of the places on the list to inspire you to make this year more than special.



A gesture that will show you really care would be to give a bottle that means something to both of you. Show you remember the days that matter most and give a wine that was from the first your you started dating. Or if you can really remember specifics, find the first wine you ever drank together and have it again this Valentine’s Day.  Another option could be to return to the first winery you ever visited together or even just your favorite winery. Any of these suggestions can be perfect for two wine lovers looking to have a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day.


bJ_dMhzJzFFxGLNBp5-XEssbcF_7aZoUqEeyzo5Gf50,KhQjg8o6Mi87tSepV0RclHwo2vOCIHTqrf_xV9mq7Lk,cgFTmxQZCyt1NnDp9ZVdKhB2WuDJXSpG3OOzkXGy6B8You’ve been drinking wine for a while now and your expectations have gone up a fair amount. But way back when, you had a bottle of wine that made you realize your love for all things wine and made you the collector that you are today. If that particular bottle is still within your quality range, then share it. Open it up this Valentine’s Day and not only reminisce, but share your second love with the love of your life.

If you need a fine wine or champagne check out Vinfolio’s wine and Valentine’s Day champagne for this upcoming holiday! 

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