How To Be THE Wine Guy At A Party


It’s a predicament we wine collectors have all faced at one time or another: how do you casually represent yourself at a party and show off your passion for wine at the same time?  Everyone will be looking at you to be THE wine guy, especially those who don’t know much about wine.  You want to talk wine and show off those rare bottles, but you don’t want to turn folks off or come across as THAT arrogant wine snob. What do you do? We’re have some great suggestions for you below

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Pro Tips For Drinking Champagne

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Champagne is not just a drink of celebration. The sparkling sensation is appropriate for any occasion. So whether you’re going to be serving it at your Christmas dinner, partaking in it at your annual New Year’s Eve party, or simply enjoying it with friends on a quiet evening, Vinfolio has champagne to offer for every occasion. We’re also here to help guide you through the proper etiquette to store, open, consume, and enjoy the bubbly. 

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Perfect Gifts For Wine Lovers

The holidays have arrived and it’s that time of the year when you have to start thinking about gift giving. Still don’t know what to give your friend that’s a wine lover or collector? Here are some great suggestions to get you started.   




As a wine gift, there’s nothing like the simplest gift of them all: a beautiful bottle of wine. Vinfolio is here to recommend the ideal wine for your friends, whether they be collectors, connoisseurs, or just someone who occasionally enjoys a fine wine. This year’s wine gift guide offers suggestions for each of one of them. Give them a wine from one of our collections and you’ll make an outstanding impression at your next holiday soirée.

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