Every wine collection tells a story about its collector. Where have they been? What do they value? What is piquing their interest at the moment? What tastes good? What is memorable? Like a cellar fingerprint, not every collector will answer these questions the same and yet there is value in each collector’s unique answers.

The 100 Bottle Cellar is a series of posts where we pose a simple question to the collector:

If you had a wine cellar that could hold 100 bottles, what would you fill it with? 

Each post in this series features a guest collector answering this question. Given their personal experience, budget considerations and life circumstances at the moment, they choose their 100 bottle cellar and discuss their stories and thinking behind it. There might be some bottles that are for investment. Perhaps the collector is really into Burgundy at the moment and so the cellar might feature a multitude of Grand and Premier Cru bottles.  Maybe there are a few bottles from an anniversary or the first truly spectacular wine that the collector tasted. Or maybe they have friends who are not as sophisticated about wine and they want to make sure that they have a bottle to share with those friends too.

For the observer and wine enthusiast, it’s a chance to see what others collect and to contemplate what makes a truly great and personalized wine collection. It might be a chance to pause and consider a rebalancing of a collection that has gotten too large and diverse. It might also be a chance to discover new vintages or regions as seen from the vantage point of a fellow seasoned collector.  No matter what the ultimate takeaway, we hope you find this series entertaining and informative.

Enjoy and Happy Drinking!

Featured Wine Collectors In this Series:

1. Chris Caughman – Vinfolio’s Director Of Content




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